Monday, August 25, 2008


We went to the new gymnastics place today to check things out, and I signed Mary Grace up for two classes a week. This facility is so much nicer than the other one. My mom agreed that the first place was crowded and seemed dangerous, with equipment stacked up everywhere. I am really excited about getting her going at the new place on Thursday, even though it'll be expensive.

BUT, I was just reading Just Kidding magazine (and if you're local and you have kids and you don't know about Just Kidding, you simply must e-mail me at prbabies @ gmail . com (no spaces) so I can tell you all about it, because it ROCKS), and there's a speech and hearing study going on at the university that's paid! They'll pay $8 an hour for up to 6 hours of participation, which would be over half the cost of this session of gymnastics. Sign us up!

What do you think, good family economics or violation of child labor laws? Heee...

Allison comes back tomorrow! Hooray for Allison! Neener neener, Aunt Julie, I've got Allison back! Preschool open house on Wednesday, gymnastics starts Thursday, school starts next week (gasp!) and all of a sudden the Pretty Babies are very busy. It's going to be an exciting year.


Anonymous said...

WHAT??? No mention of lunch with Grampa Bob? See if I join you at Chick-fil-a again. OK, I will. Those kids are so darn cute.
Dad & Grampa Bob

Amy said...

BREAKING NEWS: We also had lunch with Grandpa Bob. Film at eleven!



Jen said...

You could just send her to China and let the government decide for you...