Friday, August 8, 2008

DC, day 2 & 3

My poor feet.

Day 2 - Smithsonian, Smithsonian, Smithsonian. We went to the Jim Henson exhibit (SO COOL!!), rode the carousel, then we spent some quality time in the "castle" while the girls napped on a bench (I thought they were going to charge us rent). While the girls were sleeping, I read my blogs on my phone and BJ hit the Air and Space Museum, of course. Once the girls woke up, we went to the Museum of Natural History which was super cool. All the stuffed animals and the dinosaur bones were a big hit. BJ had to leave to register for his meeting, so the girls and I were on our own for the afternoon, and I managed to get both of them and the giant double stroller back to the hotel, on the Metro, by myself. I've always depended on the kindness of strangers.

Everyone is so friendly here, seriously. I really think that some of the best people in the country live in and around DC.

Speaking of some of the best people, we met Anny and Abby yesterday and went to the Postal Museum and the Sculpture Gardens at the Smithsonian. Then we ducked inside the M of Natural History again because it started to rain. We headed straight for the ice cream. After we parted ways with the Monroes, with promises to see each other again today, the girls and I headed back to the hotel on the Metro, again, by ourselves. We're getting good at this. MG fell asleep (AWESOME) so Claire and I shopped in Crystal City, because there was no way for me to get her on the bus back to the hotel without waking her. We met BJ back at the hotel after his conference, and headed to dinner with my cousin, which didn't happen due to a cell phone miscommunication, but it was fine. We ate at a rib place - decent food, terrible service - and then came back to the hotel where Claire and MG promptly passed out. I went and got dessert for BJ and I from the bar, and we spent a quiet evening in the hotel room while they slept.

Today we're going back to the zoo that kicked my butt last year, with the Monroes, and then we're having dinner with Brian (for real this time).

CONFIDENTIAL TO WHYMOMMY - if you want to meet us there, give me a call. I e-mailed you my cell number.

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