Thursday, August 28, 2008

Run Amy Run!

Sorry. I would've posted yesterday, but I was busy watching Saving Grace. I'm so freaking addicted. Narg.

Working today. The kids are home with Allison, and when I pick them up I'll return Allison to campus and take MG to do the speech/hearing study I was telling you about. I was able to schedule it for every Thursday at the same time that I drop Allison off, so that will be really convenient. It's even in the same building as her class. I wonder if MG thinks that she's a college student, going to the university all the time for stuff like this. This is the first paid one, though, so I'm excited.

I feel like I've been running since, oh, Monday, and I haven't stopped. And still my house is a mess (bathrooms, ugh). I need to plan some menus (need to get back to that, we're spending way too much on food and yet there's nothing to eat in the house) and get to the grocery store. Mary Grace has gymnastics this evening. Made Claire's 18 month (gulp!) doctor's appointment today. It's in a couple weeks, but if I want to get the time I need, I have to call early. Need to do some pre-fall yard work. Need to power wash the patio and machine wash the canopy on the gazebo thing. Need to declutter and throw out some junk that's accumulating on my counters - junk I haven't touched in months but I look at every day and think, "Why is that there?" Need to pay bills. Need to clone myself to get it all done, really.

Is motherhood like this for everyone? Do we all feel like we're spinning plates and just barely keeping them all in the air (and letting some of the less critical ones, like cleaning the bathroom tubs and sinks, smash at our feet occasionally)?

Don't worry if you don't hear from me as much in the next couple weeks. I'm just spinning plates.


Have the T-Shirt said...

Well, this certainly sounds like MY life, it must be a mommy thing, that doesn't end once the kiddies grow up!

fran said...

It sounds like my life and I don't even have kids. I don't know how all you mom's do it... kudos to you!!

RobMonroe said...

Ahem - moms and dads, thankyouverymuch.

Sounds like you're having fun, though. Right? If the tub only gets a good cleaning once a month, who's going to notice? Maybe give the girls one of those magic erasers while they have bath time tonight and have them do some scrubbing. (JOKING, I promise!)

I love that MG is participating in a study at the college. Abby loves going, and she only gets paid in books!