Monday, August 18, 2008


Claire is saying "tickle tickle," which is about the cutest thing going.

A day without kids was dangled in front of me last night, and in my head I had a plan... I was going to go shopping for new bras because after being pregnant or nursing since November of '04, mine are a complete joke. Unfortunately, bras are one of the few things you just can't purchase online (at least, not if you actually have actual boobies to put in them). I was going to take my dress for Megan's wedding to be altered. I was going to get a pedicure. I was going to go to a cafe and get a very large beverage and read a very large book, uninterrupted, until I felt guilty for camping out at the table so long. Unfortunately, the day I had planned didn't materialize, today, but I have high hopes that such a day will exist, someday.

In spite of this, today has been a pretty good day. Claire's cute. MG is doing awesome with the you-know-what. We had leftovers from dinner for lunch, along with scrambled eggs, which would've made BJ shake his head, but was actually really good. I have a plan for dinner. We played outside. We went for a walk. It's been fine.

Maturity? Lowered expectations? I'll let you decide.

Meanwhile, I've been able to read lots of the internets today. (Ok, I started this yesterday, then fell asleep while putting the kids to bed, so I'm finishing it today...) I thought that this article about a mother who had a master's degree, good insurance, a good job, and three kids who had to take her kids to a soup kitchen for dinner was very moving, and illustrates a good point that people should keep in mind during this election season. You may have to watch a brief ad to get to the article on, but it's worth it.

Survey: Neurotic, anxious, insecure types of women are more likely to blog. *sigh*

Ok, we have a playdate with Jenny B. today, so I have to get rolling. I'll share the rest later...

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Marni said...

Thanks for the link to the article on Salon - something everyone should read for some perspective.