Thursday, August 14, 2008

School and Stuff

Mary Grace is sitting beside me "reading" a book. It's new, and she doesn't have it memorized quite yet, so she's making it up. So cute.

We need to get rolling - Uncle Chuck is coming to babysit today while Mommy goes out for a little R&R with Jenny. Woo hoo! I thawed out some of the frozen zucchini so I can make more zucchini bread for them. Of course, yesterday was farmer's market day, and I just got even *more* zucchini... Welcome to summer in Indiana!

Speaking of summer in Indiana, it may be almost over. The kids were at the bus stop in front of our house this morning, waiting for the school bus. We had our visit with MG's preschool teacher yesterday. Even though we cleaned the entire house, she didn't make it past the front room. Oh well, at least the house is clean. I'm not sure what I was afraid of expected, but she just brought the schedule and info about peanut allergies, fees, field trips (!!!) etc. The best news, though, is that there's a "Mommy's Time Out" program at the church where MG's preschool is, and if I plan ahead I can drop both the kids off at the same time, for $6, and have time all to myself.


So, I am really, really looking forward to fall!

Friends came over for dinner last night, and we busted out the American Idol game on the PS3. It was hilarious. One friend, who shall remain nameless, sang "Knockin on Heaven's Door" with the Hannah Montana wig on his head. And there is a picture, if another friend can figure out how to get it off of his iPhone, which I will post, right before the first friend kills me.

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fran said...

Unfortunately, the friend in the wig does not read your blog... so post away!! HaHaHa!