Thursday, January 29, 2009

Long Shot

I know this is a LOOOOONG shot, but does anyone want to babysit the PBs on Valentine's Day? It's a Saturday night, and BJ and I would really like to go out. We'd prefer for someone to watch them at our house, but that person is welcome to sleep over.

Fire me an e-mail if you're interested!!

We're at home today, doing laundry mostly. I totally spaced an appointment we had at 9:30 to do a Language Study at the University. Whoops. The researcher called and we set up the schedule for the rest of the study, and I actually Put It On The Calendar, so I won't forget again. Sheesh. Of course this happens within milliseconds of me posting about how incredibly organized I am. I am a big dork.

What's really stupid is that we were up at 7 and I if I'd had half a brain, we could've made it with time to spare. Narg.

In addition to the laundry, I also need to go through the kids' clothes and pull out the things that they've outgrown, and go through the toys and pull out the things that they no longer play with. This is probably my least-favorite parental duty. I have to save the toys for naptime, because as soon as I touch something it suddenly is MAGIC, and we can't possibly part with it. Kids are weird. I wonder if they have Amvets here - it would sure be convenient to have someone come get all this stuff, rather than having to load it all in the van in the snow and take it myself. I've done Freecycle before, but it was a little creepy.

On the other hand, if I get rid of this stuff, I will immediately get pregnant. It'll probably all end up in the attic, instead.

What are you up to today?


Anonymous said...

This is Chelsea, Hi!
Thought I'd share a laugh with you... my favorite blog...

Cracks me UP!

Heidi said...

Your day sounds just like mine! And you reminded me that I need to pull out all the next-size-up clothes for my daughter. Such fun. Don't toss the toys - they're like maternity wear. Pitch them and you may as well toss the birth control as well!

Happy washing - Heidi

RobMonroe said...

I would love to watch the girls so y'all can have a night on the town - if the town is DC! :o) I'll even open it further - Baltimore or Annapolis. We've decided to bypass VD (tee hee) again this year since our Anniversary is in March.

We have a system so that we don't have to do big sorts - if something is too small at the end of the day she's wearing it, we toss the item into a separate hamper. The hamper is unloaded when it's full, about every three months.

And we're not keeping anything. :o)