Thursday, January 29, 2009

Playing Outside In The Snow

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RobMonroe said...

Way too cute! See, you don't hate the snow THAT much!

Stacey @ said...

They are so cute. They actually make the snow look fun...but I know better!

Mimi said...

Those pics are so cute! MG looks like Mary Poppins!

Have the T-shirt said...

They are adorable!

How much did you guys get? We were buried :P

di said...

BEAUTIFUL GIRLS! I think most of us in the northern US are really tired of dealing with the cold and snow...all I can say is that it pushes us forward to find innovative and sometimes spiritual things to investigate.
It ain't easy And it Will Pass. I'm about ready to make a tent out of my table and get a flashlight to read one of my E Tolle keep in the positive will be OK..we're in this together with a new President that gives up hope and determination.
Blues skies to All of You