Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Thanks for answering the laundry question. I feel like we've really gotten to know each other better. We really dug deep, didn't we? Deep. Deep into each others' underwear...

So we were leaving to go to the grocery store today and there's this nice thin layer of ice all over creation, and Claire totally biffed a triple lutz on the way to the car. Poor kid. The judges from France were particularly harsh, giving her a mere "un poin' seees!" in a reedeeculous acCENT. I'm looking at you, "Pierre."

I, however, was at the apogee of my skating talent. Not only did I manage to keep my feet while successfully buckling both kids in (even though there was a lot of bending and arm waving as I rounded the car, on our pitched driveway, to head up the other side of the car and buckle Mary Grace, who was screaming, "MOMMY! You forgot to BUCKLE ME!" the entire time, big help...), I also managed to survive bringing in all the groceries, and filling my windshield washer fluid all by my little self without breaking a wrist or a coccyx.

Mary Grace managed a beautiful Salchow (not a sowcow, I just looked it up...) as she was sliding down the driveway, but did not actually fall. You would have thought she had fallen, though, as the "my feet are not doing what I told them to do" feeling caused her to scream, regardless.

One would think that all this ice would've been a sign, to any sane mother, that one should stay home and out of the weather. However, I had to go to the store so I could make PW's Cauliflower Soup tonight for dinner, and I have to say - it was totally worth it.

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Erin said...

I was thinking of making the cauliflower soup too, but was planning on waiting until the weekend to do the grocery shopping (since I was there 3 days ago).