Friday, January 16, 2009


It is so cold. Oh. My. God. As I write this, it's -9, and the wind chill is -26.


We were supposed to meet Shannyn and Caleb at the Children's Museum yesterday, but I had scary visions of getting in a wreck or breaking down on the highway, and watching my kids freeze to death while we waited for help. I decided that the Museum would always be there, and it just wasn't worth the risk.

I had planned to make bread with the kids, instead, but it took me forever to find my yeast, and by the time I'd found it, I had run out of motivation. Oh well...

I'm trying to work it out so that I can go pick Allison up without taking the kids out in the cold. I left a message for Bumpa (Hey, Bumpa, call me back!) but I think he's sleeping. Hibernating, even. We'll probably just have to suck it up, bundle up, and giddy-up. It's probably harder for me, having to stand in the cold to buckle them into their carseats, than it is for them. Mom made me a blanket when MG was tiny that is sort of like a polar fleece sleeping bag, that I can put Claire in to keep her legs warm. Maybe I'll stick it in front of the electric heater in the toyroom to get it nice and toasty before we go.

Leaving the house just shouldn't require this much forethought.

It's hard to believe that in a few short months we'll be complaining about the heat and humidity. Welcome to Indiana! Don't worry if you don't like the weather, it'll change in a few minutes!

Why do I live here?


Anonymous said...

I live in North Dakota and I thought we were the only ones that used the phrase, if you don't like the weather, just wait a few minutes and it will change. Yesterday is was 50 below with windchill and tomorrow it is supposed to be 40, a heat wave!!

KaityK said...

I don't know about you Amy, but I live in Indiana because my friggin' husband LOVES the way the season's change. Plus he says that Indiana isn't cool enough for terrorists to attack, we don't have an ocean so no worries about hurricanes, ect...
But I'm with you...couldn't we live in Georgia or something? This bitter cold just seems mean!