Sunday, March 22, 2009

1000th Post

This is my 1000th post. Not that I'm going to earn any blogging merit badges this week - posting has been sporadic at best - but this is a momentous post.

I wish I had 1000 pearls or 1000 bucks or, heck, even 1000 pennies to give away. But the fat corporate sponsorships I've been waiting for have not yet materialized.

Instead, Claire has a sick stomach (vomiting x 3), and I've finally shaken the headache I woke up with (yay naps!) and I haven't really got it in me to do a detailed retrospective of the last 999 posts.

Instead, I'm going to ask a favor. I'm getting between 100 and 150 hits a day, and I have no idea who most of you are. Kindly take this wee little quiz, please, just for curiosity's sake.


Rosemary said...

I think it was when you were in a little war of words.. with maybe Lindsay at Suburban Turmoil??? Can't remember, but that may be it.. I love her blog, and now I love yours, too!

The Moniak Family said...

Think I may have mentioned before... found your blog through a friend, who found it through your mom's blog? (I got married at Aberdeen recently, so I check in on her blog from time to time). You're a fantastic writer - I always look forward to new posts from you!

morganna said...

Found you at MotherTalkers.

RobMonroe said...

Met you through ParentDish and your thoughts on joining a church - then again later on. I chose "real life friend" though, and I hope that's okay. :o)

Congrats on 1,000! If I count up Abby's blog and Rob's blog I think I'm at 500+, a far cry from 1,000!

You rock!

Liz said...

I chose "found you through a google search and hung around" although I actually found you through Blogher. I read your Two under two: how to say I still love you, and I hung around after that.

Anonymous said...

I found you through another blog, maybe HBM? not sure which one, but now I always look forward to hearing about the Pretty Babies.

(And I'm SO coming to you for advice once I need to start some discipline with the carpet monkey!)

While I'd call us acquaintences (sp?) now...I'd like to think that someday we may end up in the friend category, though! Certainly e-friends!

Have the T-shirt said...

I met you in person during Bossy's Road trip!

Heidi said...

I found you via Baby Bunching. I've commented here before and I believe you've commented on my blog, Congrats on reaching 1000!