Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another First

Mary Grace has her first drop-off birthday party today. In the past, we've always expected to stay at the party with her, but I e-mailed the mom (from preschool, not one I know very well) to check, and she said to drop MG off at 3 and pick her up at 5.

She's such a big girl!!


Yesterday we were coming home from dropping Allison off, and Mary Grace said, "Is Grandpa coming over tonight?"

"He sure is!" I said, knowing the kids were excited because they hadn't seen him in a couple weeks.

"Is he going to put us to bed tonight?" she asked.

"Probably, honey. Mommy and Daddy will be out until after your bedtime."

"YIPPEE!" she said.

Curious about what could possibly make my little anti-sleeper say "yippee" about bedtime, I asked why that was such good news.

"I just LOVE his stories!" she said. Awwwww....

But apparently last night while Bumpa was putting them to bed, MG said, "Grandpa, why is this story so long?" Hahaha!


Have I told you that I've had to clean out an entire lower cabinet in my kitchen because Claire has decided that it's her "office." Yeah, it's cute. She'll get inside, shut the door, and peek out at us. "Hi Mommy!" "Hi Daddy!"


Just now, Mary Grace said to us, "What are you talkin' about?"

Daddy said, "Oh..."

MG: "Are you talkin' about solar power?"

Daddy: "Do you know about solar power?"

MG: "Are you talkin' about the sun?"

Jeez... Wow.



Amy's status, 10:48 am Amy knows it's going to be a bad diaper when I can smell it from the next room. "BJ, the baby wants you!!"
Amy's comment,
10:57 am Oh awesome, I just heard BJ say,
"Claire, do you have pants?" Lazy parenting wins again!

He is going to be thoroughly annoyed when he sees that!

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Baby Bunching said...

I love drop off parties! They have now become the norm for my oldest (almost 5). Love it!