Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Where we've been

Sorry for the blog silence. We were up in Grammaland visiting my mom, who is finally back from Florida for more than 10 minutes. We left Sunday afternoon for the visit. We got to have dinner with Grandma, Aunt Mimi, and Uncle Chuck on Sunday, which is rare. Claire is totally over the moon for Uncle Chuck. After he went home, she stood at the door and cried, "Chuck, Chuck! I want Chuck!" Too cute. He thinks it's because they're both second children. I fell asleep while putting the girls to bed, so unfortunately I didn't get to enjoy any adult time with my siblings and my mom... but it was probably just as well since we got pretty silly on Monday night when we did have kid-free time.

On Monday I took the girlies to the public library, which has changed a lot since I was a kid. I hardly recognized anything. After that we had lunch at Noodles. Then we went over to Jenny's to play Rock Band. She and I are awesome. We gave MG a couple wooden spoons and let her "play drums" on a quilt. That lasted for a while, but she eventually got bored. She totally didn't believe us when we tried to tell her that the Wiggles guitar that Jade had would "play" the game too. She is too smart.

After that, we went back to The Compound and hung out with Mimi, Uncle Trey, and Gramma. Uncle Chuck stopped by after the girls had gone to bed. What happens on the deck stays on the deck, so that's all I have to say about that.

Today we got up early, and we got ready in record time. We met Jenny to go to a nearby town for the "body safety" class that she teaches for area schools. MG was so good. She sat and listened the entire time. Claire wasn't bad either. I hate it that we have to start teaching kids about their private parts and good touch/bad touch so young, but I'd rather teach them and empower them than have something unthinkable happen. Jen did an amazing job of being professional and forthright, without talking over the kids' heads. I was very impressed with her. She does so much good for the communities she serves.

After that, we went to Mimi's school to have lunch. My kids were instant celebrities, and all the kids were clammoring to spend time with them.

We stayed for a story, lunch (nachos!), and recess. It was a lot of fun. The first graders in Mimi's class were so sweet, and they asked us to come back and see them again. MG cried when we left. She really wants to go to school like a big girl. Two days a week of preschool just isn't enough for her. I think she'd stay at school 24/7 if she could. Fortunately next year she'll be able to do 3 days a week. I'm reasonably certain that the following year I'm going to enroll her in Kindergarten (so, a year and a half from now). She'll be young, but today showed me that she's more than ready to go.

So, that's what we've been doing. What about you?
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