Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lucky's Last Swim

This little sweetie is almost as cute as Mary Grace. Anyone who has kids or fish will smile, but it's especially sweet if you have kids and fish like we do. Maybe next time one of them dies, we need to have a funeral, instead of just saying, "Oh look, the fish is swimming upside down! Let's go read a book!" and distracting while Daddy quietly disposes of the remains. I mean, maybe we're missing a teachable moment, here. What do you think?

Also, are there any gardeners in the house? Can I prune our overgrown burning bush this spring, or do I need to wait until fall. I'd hate to kill it, but the thing's huge. Is there any particular method, or do I just cut it back until it's a more manageable size? Our tree management system around here has been more of a "slash and burn" philosophy, so thanks!!


morganna said...

Pruning a burning bush:
It's probably fine to prune now. It is a spring bloomer, but you probably don't notice the flowers, anyway. Don't take more than a third of the bush. Always prune to a bud or another stem -- never leave a stub. Make sure the bud or stem you prune to is pointing in a direction you'd like the plant to grow in. If it's really huge, take out some of the larger stems/branches from the inside of the shrub-- reach way deep inside and take out the whole stem.

Barbara said...

I loved the video clip! How on earth do you stumble across such things?

Chelle said...

Ask Bryan - he's the neighborhood tree dork!