Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Things I Can Get Fired Up About: Postpartum Edition

A link dropped out of the sky this evening so that I'd have something to write about.

You might remember that I had a wee little case of postpartum depression after Mary Grace was born... if by "wee little" you mean "vaguely the same size and shape as Hurricane Katrina." Hey, it was 2005. You couldn't talk about anything after August without mentioning Katrina.

Anyway, I guess there's legislation right now that would fund postpartum research and screening. Here's the text from the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance's form letter I could've e-mailed to you if I didn't have a blog:
Many women have mood swings after birth. While they may have looked forward to the birth of their child, they can be happy one minute and extremely sad the next.

Almost 80 percent of women who have recently given birth experience symptoms of postpartum blues.

Postpartum depression, which is more serious can often lead to suicide.

Legislation has been introduced in the both the House and the Senate that will educate the public about postpartum depression. This legislation will ensure that new mothers and their families are educated about postpartum depression, screened for symptoms, and provided with essential services.

Won't you join me in writing a letter to your legislators about this important legislation?

It is quick and easy and will only take a few minutes of your time. Thank you for your consideration.
As long as we're throwing money that we don't have to throw around at every darn thing on the planet, we might as well throw some at something that matters to me, and thousands of other mothers and babies every year.

So, if you care too, please click here to send a note to your own representative. It only takes a minute.


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strwberrryjoy said...

Thanks! I signed it! I'm also posting it on my blog