Friday, March 6, 2009

At Work

I'm at work right now, and I'm not supposed to be blogging, but BJ just made me do math, so I need to rest my brain cells for a minute.

I used to be good at math.

Today has been extremely pleasant, and has almost made up for our weeks and weeks of confinement due to random viruses. MG had school today, and Claire and I hung out. She was really funny - she gave Elmo a time out (don't know what he did, but it must've been bad!). She put him on the lowest step and shook her index finger at him, babbling, for a good minute. Too cute. Anyway, it was warm enough to turn off the furnace and open the front door, which always feels good!

We went and picked up "'Ister," then we stopped at the grocery store for milk, which we seem to be going through a little more quickly lately. Then we went and got Allison, and I dropped everyone off at home before heading to lunch with my friend Karen. I ate way too much. I knew BJ had a teleconference this afternoon, so instead of coming straight to the office I went to Tuesday Morning and browsed. Any ideas for Claire's birthday gift? We're kind of stuck.

Maybe a puppy...

Anyway, we're going to see The Watchmen tonight. I don't really have any burning desire to see it, but BJ was going with friends and Dad was available to watch the PBs, so why not? If it sucks I can always leave and go get a coffee! And no matter how bad it is, I know there will be popcorn, and I LOVE popcorn. It's my favorite vegetable.

Hope you have a fun weekend planned!!


Anonymous said...

For C's bday, make a big chalk board with chalkboard paint on one of your walls. Preferably within viewing distance from the kitchen so it can be used while you are cooking. The girls can draw for hours and when they decide to decorate the rest of the's just chalk

RobMonroe said...

We're heading to The Great Sloped Zoo tomorrow - the weather is supposed to be amazing!

You could get coffee on your way to the movie. :o)

The Moniak Family said...

You can never go wrong with a kiddie tent for a little one's birthday! I remember getting one when I was really young and it made for hours of fun playing "house" or "camping out" outside.

Of course, the puppy idea is sure to please! :)

(I know you're probably wondering who the heck I am... I recently got married at Aberdeen and found your blog through your mom's.) :)

Robin Costello (Delswife) said...

Oh I want to know what Elmo did.