Sunday, March 29, 2009

Aunt Kathryn and the Diaper Rash Grand Slam

After catching up on the blog, my aunt Kathryn called me and gave me the recipe for her favorite diaper rash cream. Her son had a milk allergy, and had the worst diaper rash known to mankind while they were figuring out what the problem was. Her doctor told her to:
Mix a tube of zinc oxide (make sure it's plain zinc oxide), a tube of Neosporin + pain relief (I used the generic brand), a tube of athlete's foot cream (Lotrimin or the generic called clortrimazole), and a couple of tablespoons of Maalox (to make it a spreadable consistency) in a toss-away plastic container. Use it like any other diaper cream.
I can't say that it worked completely in a single application, but her butt was significantly better after one application. It's almost all gone now, after three days. This stuff rocks.

The acidophillus/Vaseline experiment worked fairly well, too. But not as well as the above, which shall now be called Kathryn's Butt Magic. Maybe next time I'll add acidophillus.

Thanks for all the help and suggestions.

We went to the Children's Museum yesterday, along with everyone else in Indiana. It was a zoo. I told BJ that he's just going to have to take a Monday off and come with us every once in a while, because going on the weekend is for the birds. We had to wait in line for 15 minutes to ride the carousel. Normally it's so un-busy that we can just stay on and ride three or four times if we want to.

We also stopped at Garden Ridge and got another rug like the one in the living room, only larger, for under the dining room table. It was only $70, so I won't kill the kids if they stain it, but at the same time I really like it (certainly more than the carpet that it covers!!). Win/win. It's 7'6" by 9'6". I'm trying to decide if I should put the large one in the living room and the small one in the dining room, or vice versa. Right now the large one is in the dining room, and I'm tempted to leave it that way because I don't want to move the furniture again to move it.

Gramma Susan was supposed to come down tonight to go see Michael W. Smith and Stephen Curtis Chapman with me, but it's snowing (totally random - whatever happened to "out like a lamb"??) and she's concerned about the driving. BJ's cousin Eric should be calling us back any minute about whether or not he wants the tickets (according to BJ's cousin Carrie, Eric's daughter is in a play, and it ran until 4 pm). We'll watch their kids for them, too, so it's really an offer they can't refuse. But if they don't want the tickets, I'm going to have two tickets for the 7 pm (Sunday) concert, and no one to use them, so e-mail me if you are local and you want them. If Eric and Angie can't use them, I'll give them to the first interested person, so go ahead and e-mail now.

Ha, as if you're just sitting there at your computer, waiting for me to post. Snort.


Kathryn said...

The butt magic's credit should rightfully go to Char Dzugas - affectionately know as Grammy Char at our house. She has been a neonatal nurse for 30-ish years and this developed from her vast experience with a multitude of butts and rashes. Glad it worked for you. As far as the acidophilus goes I am pretty sure that it is purely an internal thing that helps the good intestinal flora and fauna to recolonize after a course of antibiotics kills them off. Yogurt with live cultures tastes a whole lot better and if you are eating it during the course of antibiotics it will help the f & f survive all along.

Jen said...

two words...


RobMonroe said...

Congrats on getting the rash cleared up!

Kind of scary that MG is already taller than Yoda! :o)

Erin said...

I showed Matt the pictures of you guys at the children's museuem. He loved them! I foresee a trip there in our relatively near future especially for the star wars exhibit! Either May or December....most likely December.

Glad to hear that Claire's doing better!

Anonymous said...

I truly hope all is better in the PB household. And sorry about your grandmother. It's impossible to have satisfactory relationships with all relatives. So don't beat yourself up trying.

Tara said...

Hmm, I'll have to check out that diaper cream mixture. My daughter's doctor told us about the zinc oxide and Neosporin mix, but not all the other ingredients. Hmmmm. Gotta jot that down...


Erin said...

I found your diaper cream recipe via and I am desperate for something to help my little guy! My 15 month old is a non-stop pooper and it has caused him to have a really nasty kicking and screaming legs crossed please don't change me momma, kind of diaper rash. I sent my husband out to CVS last night to try your recipe and he couldn't find plain zinc oxide. He even asked. He settled for a tube of generic Desitin (40% zinc oxide). I mixed it all up and it seems to be helping but it doesn't have much staying power (it's a little runny not super sticky). Where do you find plain zinc oxide? I'm assuming it must be thicker. What size tube do you use? I'm a follow the recipe exactly kind of girl so I'd really appreciate knowing exactly where and what to purchase. Thanks so much for your post!

Amy said...

It was a 5 or 6" tube of zinc oxide, and I got it from Walgreen's. Weird that your pharmacy didn't have it. Check with the sunscreen. Zinc Oxide is what lifeguards put on their noses.

If yours is runny, use less Maalox - you want just enough to make it a paste.

I used the largest tubes I could find of everything else. The neosporin tube was fairly small, maybe 3 inches long. I think the Lotrimin was about 4 inches long. I remember the zinc oxide was definitely the "econo" size. :)

Good luck!

Stephanie Stiles said...

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