Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I have nothing to report.

We're getting ready for Claire's birthday on Friday and party on Saturday. We're back on the diet wagon (Sparkpeople again, new user name, avoiding the message boards and Coach Dean, the stupid jerk). BJ's doing it with me this time, which should help with my motivation and stamina. We're cleaning - we got a bunch of plastic totes and really organized the toy room over the weekend. BJ also repaired the water damage to the paint in the toy room. After all the rain this weekend, we're really, really glad that we invested in a new roof last fall.

Love the warmer weather, hate the mud. We have three seasons in Indiana - Winter, Mud, and Construction.

BJ got a Kindle 2 yesterday. He reads a lot, and I do mean a LOT of reports as PDFs and we figure that at 10 cents to transfer a PDF, versus 10 cents a page to print at the office, it won't be long at all before it saves us money... Not to mention that it's easier to carry around a Kindle than a briefcase full of papers, and therefore he's more likely to have the papers with him when he has a moment to read, and therefore he's more likely to actually read them. And it's "green." Plus there's the obvious geek factor. I'm a little disappointed that it works so well for PDFs, though. If it hadn't worked, it was going to be my birthday present.

Oh well. I don't actually need any more electronics in my purse! I need to design a tech purse - something with padded pockets that are just the right size for cell phones, iPods, Kindles, etc. - that you can special order with pockets that are the size you need for the devices you own. You know, in all my free time...

If such a thing already exists, I need to know about it, so leave a comment.

Tev, are you still reading? Maybe the Tech Purse can be your rocket to the top of the fashion industry. I'll buy two! One brown, one black.

Claire finished up her antibiotics yesterday, and today is back to saying, "I hurt," with her ears, so I have a call in to the doctor's office. He warned me last Thursday when he saw MG and checked Claire's ears that she may not get over this infection before she finished the antibiotics - I guess it's pretty bad. She's probably got MRSA in her ears or something - or if she didn't, she does now that it's survived the antibiotic course! It's also an Allison day, so life will be complicated if Dr. MWMH wants to take a look at Claire before writing her another prescription. Let's all hope that he'll just call something in that I can pick up on the way home. We're already about $100 into this ear infection. Sheesh.

I'm worried about the economy. I don't want to talk about it.

That nightmare I told you about is still bugging me.

The "Cuties" at the grocery store are awesome - they're Mandarin oranges, and my goodness they're awesome. They're also the perfect size for kids. And there was a coupon for them in Sunday's paper (when are there ever PRODUCE coupons?). You should get some. Thank me later.

Also, I am thrilled that my grocery store (Payless, for you locals) is now carrying Honeycrisp apples year round. They are so freaking good. My sister didn't even think that she liked apples until I turned her on to Honeycrisps. They're that good. As long as you're in the produce section buying "Cuties," you should grab a bag of Honeycrisps.

Do you think if I live exclusively on Honeycrisps and Cuties until July, I'll be thin in time for BlogHer?

See what I mean? None of this makes for fascinating blog fodder. YAWN. What's new with you? Maybe you'll comment about something that'll get me riled up, and I'll rant for a while for your amusement.

Your hair looks great today, by the way.


Kathryn said...

You need to find a way to get the Kindle 2 for your b-day even if BJ won't give his up. I got my first Kindle when Amazon first came out with them and before Oprah fell in love with them. There were a few things that bugged me with the 1st version, but they have all been changed in the 2nd. My 1st one traveled all over Greece, Croatia and Italy and logged lots of hours with me on the boat in Michigan. The Kindle 2 is nice because it is thinner than the original (even with the case on it)so I ALWAYS keep it in my purse. Which BTW is a Vera Bradley that Kelly got me for Christmas that has the sides lined with pockets that hold all my technology (Blackberry, camera, etc.)

RobMonroe said...

The "Cuties" are actually seedless Clementines. We've been eating them for years and years in my family!

I am officially worried about my job security as of about ten minutes ago. F.U.N. Can't sell my house to move someplace cheaper to live, but the place that I'm stuck is not going to consider raises?

(Thanks for a place to comment about such things - I can't say that on Facebook or my Blog. Too many folks are connected to my office...)

Anonymous said...

Hey, find me again on SP! User name is Rebehonig.

Cathie Feick said...

I am about to google "Kindle 2". I give you permission to laugh and even write about my complete and utter lack of technological knowledge. Goodness, I just joined fb a few months ago. I do NOT own a blackberry, nor do I text on my cell phone or have a blue tooth. I still use an antennae to receive my tv signal (yes, I am dtv ready, thank you for asking). I write my appts on a calendar on my desk not in a PDA. I know, I know... I live in the stone ages... or at least the 20th century instead of the 21st. But, by reading your blog, I am happy that I'll get to learn something new today. So, it's off to tap into the WWW...

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of George Carlin's piece on "stuff." If you didn't acquire so many children's toys in your home or electronic gadgets in your purse, then trying to contain all of these items wouldn't be a problem for you.

So sorry to RobMonroe. My siblings and I have all lost our jobs within the last year -- different lines of work in three different states.

Anonymous said...

Kelsey is living on "Cuties" right now. Having the worst time getting anything else in her. Also thinking about how crazy it is that our babies are about two. We are not having the party at the house this year a guy opened a bounce house place and is good friends with Matt so next to no cost :) We are celebrating turning two by turning the car seat around. She is close enough to 20 lbs now :) Enjoy her bday and party. :) Mandy