Friday, January 22, 2010


I have a cold.  I am very put out about it.  I'm trying not to whine, because it could be so much worse - there are people out there with actual diseases, who would be delighted if their biggest health problem was a cold.  But damnit!  This is an inconvenient time to get sick!!  I was doing so well with "phase 3," but I honestly think I'd die if I got on the elliptical with this cold (exercise induced asthma... and besides, even if I didn't have that, I can't breathe without coughing).  I haven't exercised in a couple days, now, and I know that with every day that passes, it's going to be harder to get back on.  All the progress I made!  I could spit.

The kids are bored.  They have a little sniffle, but they're past the worst of it.  I can't even really read them books because my throat hurts.  BJ probably has it, too, but he's being stoic, as usual. 

No one is going to the doctor unless we start bleeding from our eyes, because I'm sick to death of paying $25 to hear, "It's a virus, it'll be 2 weeks if we treat it, 14 days if we don't.  Keep doing what you're doing..." 

Now watch, we'll all have pneumonia or something...  Murphy's Law of Co-Pay Avoidance?

I managed to go to work yesterday and get stuff done, mainly because the kids were at home with Allison so I knew I wouldn't be able to rest any if I left work, anyway.  My Facebook friends and I decided that we need to open "nap boutiques" for busy parents - where you can check in for a couple of hours and have a nap while someone else watches your kids.  Wouldn't that be nice?  Kind of like a "by the hour" motel, but less seedy. 

And without the vibrating beds...

Anyway, the forecast today is frustrated, congested, and not at all happy about it.  I'm on a soup and tea diet until further notice.  If I feel really ambitious later, I'm going to try to fold the laundry that's been upstairs waiting for me for days.  Maybe I'll try to vacuum, since Allison cleaned the toyroom (LOVE Allison - I wish I could clone her and give her to all my mommy friends for Christmas).  Or maybe I'll just sit here and read trashy romance novels on my Kindle all day...


RobMonroe said...

What fun is a by-the-hour motel without the vibrating beds? :o)

Hope you get to mending sooner rather than later!

Pam said...

Maybe consider this phase 4 -- working on taking a break when you need it, then picking right back up with exercise after a break. It's so important to be able to do that. Good luck! And feel better soon.