Sunday, January 17, 2010

We Have a Winner!

Yesterday I challenged you to clean out your medicine cabinets, look for products that are recalled (Tylenol, Motrin, Benadryl, etc.), throw out anything expired, and make sure that everything was out of the kids' reach.  To make it fun, I said we'd have a contest to see who could find the oldest product.

Several of you played along, both here and on Facebook, finding medications that would be in school by now if they were children.  But my friend Beckett (who I met online years and years ago, long before blogs and Facebook existed) was the clear winner.  She found this 90 year old tooth powder in her cabinet!  But wait, there's more...  She also found mustard plasters that date back to the 1900s - 1910s!

When I asked her why she was holding on to her great-grandparents' medicine, Beckett said, "Actually, it was meant to be decor, and during the Great New Year's Resolution detox (of last year) it went into the cabinet. (I have tooth powder in there too. Still with stuff in it:) But it is about 10 years newer than the plasters."

The label on the plasters says, "If the skin is delicate, as in children or many women, place a strip of wet muslin between the skin and the plaster."  Cute!

According to Wikipedia, mustard plasters are used to "stimulate healing" on the chest or abdomen.  Illnesses that call for a plastering of mustard include "common colds, runny noses, rheumatism and problems with the respiratory system."  This line cracked me up: 

"The paste resembles the Chinese mustard sauce served with eggrolls in many American Chinese restaurants."

So Beckett, if you have any 100 year old eggrolls lying around, you are all set!

You guys are fun!  What should we clean out next?

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