Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Post-Holiday Poem

It's the day after New Years, and trapped in this house
I have spent enough time with my children and spouse.
The stockings are hung from the chimney askew
'Cause Claire tried to wear them instead of a shoe.

The meals have been eaten, and bloated I feel
Because ham made appearances at every meal.
The gifts are all opened, the boxes are trashed,
The post-Christmas prices have all become slashed.

We've spent time out shopping, at malls and at stores,
We've watched tons of movies on couches and floors.
We've visited parents and uncles and aunts,
We're no longer able to button our pants.

There's not been much learning, as school has been closed,
And my daughters' attitudes have decomposed.
So I bundle them up and shove them out the door,
"Mommy," I say, "Cannot take anymore!"

"Shovel the sidewalks," I shout, "After that,
"Shovel the neighbors'! And don't lose your hat!
"When I was your age," I exclaim to MG,
"My mom threw me out until quarter to three!"

I watch through the window as they stand there and sweat,
The cold hasn't gotten through their layers yet.
They're dazed and confused and they're starting to pout,
Because their dear mother has just put them out.

"It's that or I'll strangle them both," I explain,
"And it's all the school's fault! They are solely to blame!
"In our moment of need they've abandoned us all,
"This mommy," I cry, "Has just hit the wall."

"I can't take much more of this so-called vacation,
"It's far too much work, and too much frustration.
"I'm calling it off!" I declare in a huff
"Christmas is over, enough is enough!"


Anonymous said...


I can fully relate to a T!

My daughter's school had a fire a few days before Christmas so we are getting an extended "holiday". Yay :(

di said...

Super poem!

katshepherd said...

Love the poem, Amy! I feel guilty that with only one child I have these exact same feelings, but there you have it! I think so much of it is being totally off any type of schedule - sleeping, eating, activity, all of it gets interrupted.
Happy New Year!

The Schnicks said...

Great poem Amy! Jen linked it on her blog and I came to ready. Very funny because I feel exactly the same, except I still have to be with them tomorrow at school! Now who can I blame? :) Thanks for the chuckle!


Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

This is just plain HYSTERICAL!!!! What a great writer you are, Amy! I love it!