Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Are These Things Related?

After 15 months, Mary Grace and Claire have still not gotten it through their heads that they are not allowed to pick up their brother unless it's an emergency (because I don't want them to just stand aside and watch him run into the street).  Claire picked him up and spun him around when we got home today, after an entire day of exasperating behavior (disobedience, acting out in public, tantrums, etc.), and I told her then, "If I see you pick him up again I'm going to..."  Well.  You know how that turned out.  He was trying to crawl onto the hearth, she tried to "help," and he face planted into the bricks.  He knocked a scab off of his nose (from where he scratched himself with too-long fingernails) and bled.  I was livid.  She has been sent to bed with no story and no snuggle, among other punishments that I'm not going to write about because I just don't want to get into that debate with the internet, thank you very much.  It suffices to say that occasionally, when the crime is very serious, we go old school in this house, and it hurts me more than it hurts her.

Jack is still not sleeping well.  BJ is leaving on a business trip tomorrow morning very early and won't be home until Friday.  No back up.  Awesome.

The dog has dug up the entire yard trying to kill a mole that has also dug up our entire yard.

At the dentist today I discovered that I'm grinding my teeth so much that I have cracked my lower left rear molar.


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Pamela said...

Just want to let you know that this is the kind of week I'm having, too. My mister is an audio engineer at a Big. Wesleyan Church, so we will see him sometime next week when Easter is gone. And I am probs going to get arrested for having chickens on my property, even though it's not breaking any actual rules. But that isn't until the 21st, so I will have recovered from Easter by then.