Friday, April 6, 2012

Of Beads and Noses

Claire stuck a bead up her nose tonight right before dinner.  Again.

Last time, she managed to blow it out on her own before we paid the co-pay.  We weren't so lucky this time.  I tried to get her to blow it out at home (BJ and I could both see it) and she succeeded in sucking it in deeper, instead.  $75 and a very deep nasal probing later, we learned that she had swallowed it.  Probably.  But if she starts stinking or dripping pus or other disturbing things they'll send her to an ENT.  Awesome.

She did a good job cooperating at Urgent Care, considering how completely she was freaking out at home. She thought they were going to have to cut her in half to get it out.  Where do they get these things?

BJ wanted to walk over to the ice cream store once we got home, but I don't want to reward this sort of behavior, and I had a beer in the fridge calling my name.  I think I might go to bed.  It has been a very long day.

PS - I'm over the house thing.  Maybe next year.

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Rob Monroe said...

Eek. Ouch. Gross, both going in and going deeper.