Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Holy Busy Tuesday, Batman!

Kelly managed to postpone getting sick until after her exit exams, which she passed (probably with flying colors, but she's too modest to say so).  Way to go, Kelly!!

We were back to regularly scheduled programming today - both the girls at school, wonderful Erin here with Jack so I can work (you know you've made the right childcare choice when your baby, upon seeing their caregiver, lights up and runs to her with arms outstretched), I picked up Jen's kids on the way to school because she has 5 kids and that's a lot of driving, then went to work by way of the bank, worked a few hours (not nearly long enough), picked my girls and Juliet up from school, and Monica met us here with lunch.  Then the neighbor kids came down and stayed most of the afternoon giving their pregnant mama what was, I'm sure, a much needed rest.  Monica and her kids left to pick their Jack up from a playdate, and I ran Mary Grace to her scouts meeting (GBob played the part of the adult-in-charge while I was gone).  Flew through Walgreen's on the way home, made GBob the Welsh Cookies I promised him for getting sick for us, GBob picked MG up from Scouts, girls played with the neighbors some more while I finished the cookies, finally sent the neighbors home and left to meet Karen and her kids for dinner at Chuck E. Cheese for Kade's 3rd birthday.  BJ met us there, and so did Tammy and her daughter Katie.

Whoever coined the term "stay at home" mom obviously didn't have school aged children.  There is no staying at home involved.

Got home, put the kids to bed, ruined Mary Grace's scouts vest by accidentally ironing some plastic onto it.  I suck at domesticity - therefore I am also not a "domestic engineer."
I'm a stay-in-van mom.  Picture credit.
Sat down, checked the internet for news, didn't find anything noteworthy, read a couple of marginally interesting articles, wrote a marginally interesting blog...

Hey, questions, I have them...  BJ got me a Keurig coffee maker for my birthday, and I am completely addicted (even though everything still tastes weird - metallic and salty and rotten today.  GBob says my throat looks inflamed, and I said, "I'm sorry, I've already met my quota for sick this month," which means I'll come down with something in about 15 minutes).  I ordered some awesome flavors and I'm looking forward to getting wired on all of them.  Do you do K-cups?  What are your favorites?  I got chocolate glazed donut (OMG), German chocolate cake (seriously?!), decaf French Vanilla and decaf Hazelnut.  Monica is probably yakking in her shoes right now as she is a coffee purist and only likes the sort of coffee that puts hair on your chest. She can have all the samples that came with the machine of "BOLD" and "RICH" and so on.  Here's another K-question.  Is it worth it to get the cocoa and tea, or is regular cocoa and regular tea the same?  We have a near-boiling hot water tap on our sink (love! Except when kids come over and think it's soap, don't love that...) so heating up the water isn't an issue.  Does the machine do anything special to the tea or the cocoa that I can't achieve myself with Swiss Miss or Twinings and a hot water tap?

I think it would be hilarious if someone came out with K-soup.  Like Top Ramen for fancy people.

The noodles would probably clog the machine.

When I get this random I know it's bedtime.

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