Sunday, April 22, 2012


I've hesitated to say anything here because I've done that before and then nothing happens and everyone's all, "Oh look, another failed diet, quelle surprise," but you all are too nice to say so to my face, or even to think it, so it's just my own insecurity thinking it for you, and then I get mad at you for what I think you thought, and it's just not good for our relationship at all.... but...  I started dieting again.  I went to the doctor for the sinus infection crappy taste thing and let's just say that I achieved a milestone I SWORE I would never ever achieve again, dammit.  So I started counting calories again, which worked last time, and I have an accountability buddy (Monica) and fortunately I came home and my scale here is 5 pounds nicer than the doctor's scale so OBVIOUSLY the one at home is right and the one at the doctor's office is crap, amIright?

I've been good for THREE WHOLE DAYS which is like a month of dieting, and today I had a baby shower and a kid's birthday party (happy 3rd Kade!) and I did not pig out on anything other than very sensible fruits and veggies and I had a very modest piece of chocolate chip cookie cake at Kade's party but no cake at the shower.  And then I had a huge salad for dinner.

My pants already fit better.

Of course, dumb bunny that I am, I started a diet the week before we go on vacation.  Oh well.  I'll just be as good as possible under the circumstances, and I'll allow myself to drink all the wine that I need to drink to endure a vacation with three small kids, and we'll call it "medicine," and it will be ok.

Also, Megan is totally going to have that baby while I'm gone, and I may not forgive either one of them until I get home and hold the baby and forget all about it.

And that's Sunday, folks.  Hope you had a good weekend!  Going to go watch Game of Thrones!

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Bev said...

You succeeded before; you'll do it again!