Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Winning at Bathing!

Sometimes bathtime can be a bit of a struggle.  We generally give the kids a bath before bed, so they're tired (and we're tired), and we bathe them all together because they have fun and it's faster, and Claire is very tender headed and hates having her hair washed, and Jack gets water in his face every single time I try to rinse him off, and I'm pretty sure that whenever Mary Grace is out of my sight she ties her hair into teensy tiny little knots that I have to comb out...  In other words, there's often a lot of fussing from all corners (including mine).

Tonight for some reason I decided to turn on some music (we recently got a wireless bluetooth speaker so that BJ can listen to his NPR 24 hours a day and not just the 23-1/2 that he used to - hee) for them and lo and behold!  Peace and tranquility reigned!

There was still a lot of goofing around and splashing, but we were all a lot more calm with one another.  Clearly I need to start playing music more often.

In other news, we're headed to Florida in about 12 hours, and I still have that sinus infection.  The doctor's office said I can't have any good antibiotics until I finish the first one they gave me (cefprozil) when I called to complain that I'm actually getting sicker.  I posted on Facebook yesterday that I made my dad look up my nose with an otoscope to verify that there wasn't a spider up there (my nostril was so swollen that the hair on the left side was tickling the right side of the nostril whenever I breathed.  Either that, or the light scared the spider away.  She's probably in my sinus right now spinning webs that say, "Some Cold!" and "Terrific" - my spider is sarcastic).

Right now I'm losing my voice, which could be good because we're traveling with BJ's parents and their spouses (I kid, I kid, everyone gets along swimmingly).  I did about 473 loads of laundry today, give or take, and got everyone's clothes packed.  We have enough time in the morning that I can take care of toiletries and chargers then.  When is Apple going to come out with something that will charge, oh, say...  10 iDevices at once?  Because there's a market...  between the iPads, the iPods, and the iPhones...

I was just chatting with Kelly - I think the reason we're sick so often is because we have our kids in 3 different care situations.  MG is at the elementary school, Claire is at the preschool, Jack is with Erin and her daughter for 10 hours a week - and her daughter is in a different preschool class at the same school as Claire - so we're exposed to the germs of like 90 different kids per week, thus we get everything that goes around town.  It'll be interesting to see if we get sick less often when they're all at the same school.  (Stay tuned - that will happen in 2022).

In case you've been wondering, that "all natural" honey based cough syrup with the bee on the label does less than nothing for an actual cough.  (I got it because Jack needed something, and I tried it on myself, and it didn't help at all.  Whoever decided to take all the medicine away for children under six obviously doesn't have any children under 6.)  Poor Jack keeps waking himself up coughing.  BJ has fallen asleep on the couch.  I think that's my cue to go to bed.


Rob Monroe said...

Have a great trip, and maybe leave the spiders behind when you come home! :)

Mrs4444 said...

What a bummer. Here's hoping everyone is healthy now.

Here's an interesting idea that is sort of related--Someone told me that if you eat a teaspoon of local-bee honey every day, you build up your immunity for plant allergies in your area. Of course, that's not exactly related to colds, but I thought I'd mention it.

Also, Apple does have multi-device chargers; we have some at school. One of them is a plug thingy that allows us to charge four ipods at at a time. Then there's a cart that charges 30 devices at once. I'd go with the first option, as they seem like they'd cost less than $30 or so.