Thursday, April 12, 2012


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This has been a long week.  Everyone in our house is better, but GBob is still feeling pretty badly.  He came over for a little while twice yesterday, but he just wasn't his usual effervescent self.

Poor GBob.  I'm going to make his favorite cookies for him when he's all better.  Talk about taking one for the team!

The laundry is done (well, it's clean anyway, it's not all folded and put away), the kitchen and bathrooms are clean once again, and life is returning to normal.  I kept Claire home today to observe the 24 hour rule, but I think we're in the clear.  (Knock on wood!)

Not a moment too soon, either, because I've got Book Club (slogan: We read wine labels!) tonight and my birthday is tomorrow and I can't think of anything more tragic than having a sick family on my birthday.  I would pout.

I have amazing friends.  I can't even tell you how wonderful everyone has been.  You know who you are and what you did, and I really appreciate it.

The best news is that we didn't transmit the virus to the family we spent Easter with.  I checked around, and no one has gotten sick.  I was especially worried about Charles and Nina, who are in their 90s.  They do not need the stomach flu. I guess if you've been around that long, you've developed immunity to just about everything.

Thanks for keeping me sane.  I love you all!!

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