Friday, April 20, 2012

Daddy Daughter Luau

Mary Grace is all dressed up for the Daddy Daughter Daisy Scouts Luau tonight. Claire is miffed that she can't go. It's hard being a little sister. :(


DPA said...

Oh My Gosh, Mary Grace is beautiful And looks like she's in middle school!Love the very classy outfit, strapey sandals and all.
Bet BJ was so proud to be with his oldest daughter and enjoy the evening. How special and wonderful that they could share this moment in time.
Luv ya Claire. It'll be your turn before you know it :)
Grandmother Diana XOXOXO

Rob Monroe said...

What a cutie! I hear it stinks to not be a first born, but I don't have any experience. Looks like she has every reason to be miffed this time around!