Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Taste in my Mouth

At the late night, double feature, picture show....
I've mentioned the bad taste in my mouth.  It's still there, and it's gone from metallic/salty to rotten.  It's really super annoying.  It gets worse when I eat sweet foods (which sucks because I made chocolate chip cookies for the girls today).  I tried gargling with apple cider vinegar (thinking it might be fungal) and a neti pot (thinking it might be sinus-related) but neither helped.  I've brushed my teeth and tongue repeatedly, I've flossed like crazy.  Nothing.  The only thing that tastes normal at this point is water.  So I called the doctor's office and spoke to the nurse.

"This is really stupid.  I'm not sick, so I hate to come in..." because you know I'm going to touch something germy and get sick, it happens every time, "but this is so weird and so annoying.  It's been going on since Sunday night.  I even called my dad who's a nurse to see if he thought I had a stroke!  He says my throat looks a little red, but it doesn't hurt.  My only symptoms are seasonal allergy type things - occasional sneezing, runny nose, etc. but no worse than they've been for months, and the onset of this taste thing was abrupt and unusual..."

Every single nurse that works at my doctor's office thinks knows I'm insane.

Longtime readers might remember back in August of 2009 when I tasted soap so badly that the doctor did bloodwork and I harassed the water company into coming out and taking samples of my water.  I couldn't remember how that all turned out (this is why I blog - because my memory sucks.  I can't even tell you how many times I've thought, "I wonder when that was..." and googled my own blog to find the answer).  Well, guess who came down sick right after everything tasted soapy?  Everyone.  So I'm guessing that it's some kind of ominous precursor to a virus, which is absolutely unfair because we just got over the stomach virus from hell.

It's funny that back then I thought it was the water, and this time around water is the only thing that doesn't taste like roadkill.

What do you want to bet I've come down with something by the weekend?

(picture from Wikimedia Commons)


robin said...

That taste in your mouth sounds exactly like what I experienced in my first trimester with Liam. I remember reading that it can occur because of hormonal changes.

Amy Austin said...

I'm going to be very upset with the Mirena IUD people if I'm pregnant!!

Unknown said...

That sounds similar to an actual medical "Thing" my Mom has, only she smells weird gasoline, and sometimes metallic. Very strange...but seriously, don't feel dumb for calling/going to the doctor, because it could really actually BE something! I'm sorry I can't remember the name of my mom's "Thing" right now...if I remember to ask her, I will let you know!

Bev said...

I would love to know the name of the "thing" that unknown's mom has because I too sometimes smell weird things, like auto exhaust for example.

Let's hope you're not coming down with something. That would be so not right after suffering that horrid norovirus so recently.

DPA said...

Hi Amy
Did you by chance add or change dosage in a medication? Could it be the molar you have that's in not so good shape? Just a few thoughts.

Unknown said...

I don't know why my name didn't come up, as I signed in with google! Anyway, my Mom's condition is call Cacosmia...and yes, she usually smells gasoline and/or auto exhaust... -Maggie :)