Sunday, April 8, 2012

Secular Easter Thoughts

Mary Grace turned over the coloring book thing she got in her Easter Basket.  "The Easter Bunny bought this?"

"Sure," I said.  "He doesn't have elves like Santa."

This statement is totally going to bite me in the ass in December, when she sees her Christmas gift in some toy catalog.  "Why did Santa buy this? Why didn't the elves make it??"

Kid's too smart for her own good.


She bit the ears off of her chocolate bunny.

"You know what he says now, don't you?"  I asked.




Often you can buy the generic and it doesn't matter at all.  But there are some other things where it matters a lot.  Jelly beans are one of these things.  Generic jelly beans are vile.  Jelly Bellies are delicious.  Jolly Rancher jelly beans are good.  And the black ones are always vile (and look a little bit too much like bunny pellets), no matter what brand you buy.

We have some kids to bathe.  Sorry I missed yesterday.  It's all Karen's fault.  We were having too much fun to blog.

Happy Easter!

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Rob Monroe said...

Smuckers beans are good, and my favorite is the SweetTart Beans. I'm 100% in agreement about generics, though.