Thursday, November 29, 2007

I almost forgot...

I finally did something today that I probably should've done more than two years ago.

I bought a diaper bag.

I know. I've had kids for a while now. You'd think I'd have gotten around to this sooner. But a tote bag or one of those "healthy back" bags has always been just fine, until recently when Claire started using a sippy cup. Now I find myself carting around two sippy cups all the time, instead of just one. One I could manage, but handling two sippy cups and two small kids has become a bit much, so I bought a diaper bag for the fact that it has elastic loops in it that will hold our sippy cups upright.

There are three elastic loops, too, so maybe Mommy's coffee can fit in there.

I guess I've been assimilated. As if the minivan wasn't proof enough. At least I bought a nice, simple black bag with pink piping - nothing with cartoon characters and pastels. After all, I have to carry the thing, not the kids!

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Jozet at Halushki said...

I didn't buy a diaper bag this go around. I just stuff things in plastic baggies and then stuff them in my incredibly large bag.

But honestly, I should have a diaper bag.

They just wash better after...explosions.