Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tree Pics

The tree is up. If Mary Grace had known there was a train involved, she would've made us put up the tree months ago. She loves her trains!

We spent the whole afternoon Sunday putting the tree up. We had cocoa and listened to Christmas Carols on XM radio (LOVE XM radio!) and then ordered pizza for dinner. BJ made a fire in the fireplace. It was a super day.

Then, at Walgreen's, I found these little ceramic houses for 99 cents each, that are perfect for a little village around the train. Sure, they're ceramic. But if she breaks them, who cares? They were a buck! I actually broke the first one. Oops. Anyway, she's had lots of fun arranging the little houses and shops and people. Yay for cheap Chinese decorations! And they taste awful, so she won't be eating the lead paint.

Confidential to the Disney Channel - Happy Monster Band has finally won me over, they're cute, even if the animation is totally cheap. But I still want to beat the snot out of Captain Carlos, Lou and Lou Safety Patrol, and that blonde headed brat on Little Einsteins. If you could please arrange for a fiery animated demise for all four of them, I'd appreciate it.

Remember back when my kids were Never going to watch TV. Yeah, I was cute, wasn't I? They weren't going to eat fast food, either.

Speaking of B.C. (the era Before Children), I have now been pregnant, nursing, or both for three full years. I think there should be some sort of merit badge for this or something. You know that Chili's commercial? Well, I'm singing along, only my lyrics are, "I want my body back, body back, body back..."

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