Sunday, November 4, 2007

Progress is progressing

Fueled primarily by leftover Halloween candy, we are making slow but steady progress on the kitchen. We had to re-mud the drywall behind the stove, and it's going to require two coats (at least, I suck at mud), and each coat has to dry FOREVER before we can put up the next. This makes things very difficult for people like myself, who want things done yesterday at the latest.

You know the tile behind your stove was bad when you finally get it all off, and you're looking at the bare wall, and thinking, "Wow, that looks *so* much better!"

Here are a couple progress pictures:

Isn't that about the ugliest tile you've ever seen? Ugh! Good riddance!

And since this blog is called Pretty Babies and not Pretty Kitchens, here is a gratuitous kid shot:
Why are the weekends so short?

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