Thursday, November 29, 2007

You Play, You Pay

They ought to have that in 3 foot high letters on the door to the McDonald's PlayLand.

Germ tubes on Wednesday; puking on Thursday.

I woke up at 6 am to the sounds of retching. Miraculously she kept it off the bed and on me, the first time. The second time we had casualties - one of the new pillow shams, and one of the new throw pillows.

I should've known better than to get new bedding during flu season.

She's been sick three times already. And you know that Claire and I are next, no matter how religiously I wash my hands. Did I mention that Claire and I are leaving Wednesday for a wedding in St. Thomas? A wedding that I'm the matron of honor in, and therefore can't miss?


Maybe if Claire and I come down with it today, we can be over it by then.

Did I mention that BJ left on a business trip last night, and we don't honestly know when he's going to be back? Probably Sunday or Monday. So, I'm going it alone.

Thank God for our Digital Video Recorder, Playhouse Disney, and the internet. At least I can keep her happy.


Megan said...

Oh no! Am I still babysitting Friday??? Poor baby... Hopefully she's better so that we can decorate cookies.

Jen said...

You should link to my McPost.
Get well -