Wednesday, November 14, 2007

WFMW: Calling Card

I finally did something that I've been meaning to do for about 2 years, and just never got around to... I ordered calling cards.

What's a calling card? Well, it's like a business card, except it's for the family instead of the business (I have those, too).

They have the following information:

The {Last Name} Family
BJ, Amy, Mary Grace, and Claire
home phone
Amy's e-mail & cell
BJ's e-mail & cell

If you go to VistaPrint you can get them for free (in a limited number of designs - but if you're willing to pay the options are virtually limitless). There's a subtle little advertisement on the back, but big deal, they're free! They have a bunch of other free stuff on there, too, and believe me, I loaded up! We ordered our business cards for the office (new address) from there, too, and we are really pleased with the way they turned out. I also got a free pad of sticky notes that say, "From the desk of the {Last Name} family" on them, and they turned out well, too.

When we're out and we meet a really cool family and want to set up a playdate, I'll look like I am *so* together, handing the other mom my card, instead of searching for a scrap of a receipt to write my number on. And if she wants to give me her digits, I can write them on the back of one of my own cards.

I wonder how many people on my list will be getting custom printed stuff for Christmas!


Marie said...

I use Vista Print for a lot of things too. One thing I always get a lot of compliments on is the birthday announcements I send out. There are a lot of designs to choose from, and you can change the color scheme if you want, and personalize it. They always look great.

Infinity Goods said...

I've been meaning to do that for my new blog. I've used them before and they are good. You just pay for shipping and handling. Also love your afterthought tip of using this for gifts. People would just LOVE it because it's personalized, yet it would just cost the S&H.

Amy said...

I like VistaPrint, too. You've got me thinking now... I could use some cards to put into swap boxes. Thanks for the idea!