Saturday, November 17, 2007

Procrastination and Progress

I just can't face the kitchen. We have all the stuff to do the tile, but finding a time to drag it all out and do it is just overwhelming. So, instead of making progress on the first project, we're doing what we always do - starting a couple dozen other mini-projects that will make us feel better about the fact that we're procrastinating on the kitchen, while still allowing us to procrastinate on the kitchen.

So, the new stuff came for the bedroom, and we rearranged the furniture, put up the new curtains (not wide enough, DAMN!) and put the new linens on the bed. We ditched one dresser (out of four) and relocated it to the guest room. Of course, the guest room was an absolute disaster, so I got it all straightened around so there was room to put the dresser in there. I have two boxes plus for Goodwill, and a bunch of stuff to return to people. We also moved some furniture around downstairs. I think my grandma's old sewing cabinet will make a sort of cool makeshift nightstand for BJ, and it matches the new chocolate/blue thing I have going on up there. We put the huge coffee table in the living room instead of the toy room. I packed up some "guys" for Goodwill.

I can't remember the last time every room in the house was clean, probably because it was before we lived here.

I have been Extremely Productive, in spite of the fact that I'm a shameless procrastinator.

This is especially remarkable, considering that both the girlies have colds, and BJ has been at work all day.

It seems to be going around. My mom was re-doing the whole upstairs of her house when I talked to her this morning, and my sister was hating her bedroom and wanting to repaint. Is it something about the impending holidays, or the cold weather driving everyone inside?

I know one thing for certain - my kitchen may be a work in progress for the next year or so, but the rest of my house is going to look fabulous.

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