Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It's just Tuesday

Nothing is going on today. Nothing went on yesterday, either. We ran some errands for Daddy (namely, sending his harddrive to the people who know how to resurrect it after it drinks coffee) yesterday, and then drove around looking for something to do. The best I could come up with was getting a root beer and heading home. It was pouring, so I didn't want to pack the babies in and out of the car unnecessarily. We did go for a nice drive along the river, and the leaves are really pretty (is it just me, or are the leaves really late this year?).

It makes me wonder how on earth I'm going to not go stir-crazy this winter. I didn't realize how often we were hitting the park until it got too cold to go. Someone needs to open an indoor park.

We can go see the cows, or go to that train place, but those are each 45 minutes north. We can go to the Childrens' Museum, or to one of the other museums in the Big City in the Middle, but that's 45 minutes south. The library is the best I can come up with for local wintertime entertainment, and all she does there is pull the books off of the shelves.

Suggestions for surviving the winter with little ones are welcome!


Michelle said...

I can't be too specific or stalkers will figure out where we are! The mini science type place for kids down by the train tracks...I haven't been yet, but others say it's pretty neat. Blaine and I are planning to go within the next few weeks to check it out. Prices seem very reasonable!

Jen said...

There's a local DJ who swears the seasons are shifting... and I agree. Think about it... summer break from school used to be summer. Now, it's still 55 degrees when the kids get out in June. Winter really kicks in in late Jan or February. Fall isn't really here till mid November. I wonder if there's any truth to that... it sure feels like it!