Saturday, December 1, 2007


I read once that babies are cute because it elicits an "I want to take care of you" response in moms. Do you think that's why sick babies are so damn cute and cuddly? I feel just awful thinking this, but it's kind of nice to give myself permission to do nothing but snuggle and offer the comfort of my body to this little helpless bundle. Her cheeks are rosy with fever, her eyes bright. It makes me wonder if we wear blush to make ourselves look feverish, and therefore to elicit the same nurturing response in men. If we wear lipstick because of monkey butts, wearing blush to simulate a fever doesn't sound so far fetched.

I finally realized that the sling might be a good idea, so Claire is snuggled up on my chest as I write this. Mary Grace is upstairs in "the big bed" watching Mickey Mouse. I'd be up there with her, but one more Mickey Mouse will probably send me right over the edge. MG has gone from the "snuggly-sick" phase to the "whiny-sick" phase. She feels well enough to be bored, but still sick enough to be ticked off.

My mom-in-law, Diana, continues to battle the laundry monster that has taken over this house. It's amazing how much laundry two sick kids can produce. We'd just get Claire cleaned up and settled and she'd vomit again. Lather, rinse, repeat. We're getting pretty good at catching, though.

I hesitate to type this, because every time I mention it she gets sick again, but I fed her a little bit about 30 minutes ago, and so far it's staying down. We're going to get to the critical point here, probably by the end of the day, where it's keep liquid down or go to the urgent care for an IV. Babies just dehydrate so fast. Even if she can keep it down for a little while, then get sick, it's better than nothing, so we continue to test her poor little tummy. I gave her a bath last night, and that really perked her up. Let's hope that she absorbed some of the water through her skin, and that will hold off dehydration for a bit longer. Might try it again, when she wakes up, just because I don't know what else to do for her. The suppository (Tigam) didn't seem to do anything at all.

I'll keep you posted.

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