Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hopefully the last update before I write, "We're all better!"

Well, Claire got better, I got worse. I spent most of the afternoon (after I posted that video from my sister) sick. I just woke up so thirsty that I would've happily paid $1000 for a glass of water, so I'm downstairs trying not to pound the Gatorade, and thinking that no one has ever invented a lovelier beverage (I normally hate Gatorade). I'm drinking it 6 or 8 ounces in the glass at a time, so that I have to at least slow down, get up, and go get more. Otherwise I'd pound it. Nursing makes me thirsty to begin with - I can easily drink a 32 ounce glass of water most days and still feel thirsty when I'm done.

This is a very extreme method of ensuring that my bridesmaid's dress fits next Saturday.

Judging by MG's behavior, Claire and I should be mostly better tomorrow, Monday at the latest. I just hope that we're both fully well before we get on the planes on Wednesday. Did I mention that it's 3 flights there, 3 flights home for us? Chicago to Miami, Miami to San Juan, San Juan to St. Thomas, and something equally horrible on the way back. Good thing I'm taking Easy Baby, who will probably take it all in stride and just be excited to have me all to herself.

I' m still grateful that this is the exception in this house, that I have the opportunity to go anywhere at all - much less to St. Thomas!, and that my kids are, for the most part, healthy.

I'm wondering if we might have picked this up at the doctor's office on Monday, instead of in the germ tubes as I originally thought. The incubation period would make more sense, if that were the case. I've written to them before about the toys in the exam rooms, and how they really shouldn't have those in there, considering that sick kids AND well kids play with them. I've tried just not letting MG play with them, but she freaks out. No more - I am going to ask the nurse to remove the toys BEFORE we get into an exam room, from now on. I'm going to physically restrain her/them from playing with the ones in the lobby, and whenever possible, I'm going to leave them home with BJ when I have a doctor's appointment.

Does your doctor's office have toys in the lobby or the exam rooms? Have your kids gotten sick from them?

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