Sunday, December 30, 2007

Playing together in matching suits

These were taken with BJ's cameraphone. A bit blurry, but the blur sort of shows the motion, too, so we'll call it 'artsy.' Claire is quite impressed with her new ability to pull herself up to standing, and now does it at every opportunity - even in the bathtub, which is not the least bit safe. She doesn't seem to mind, however, and continues to do it... much to our dismay. Nothing is safe - the fireplace, the couch, the toys, the side of the bathtub, the toilet (yes, and we're not going to talk about the fact that she licked the toilet. MG licked the toilet brush, once, and she lived to tell about it. But still, urgh...) She even tried to pull herself up on her carseat, and was really irritated when it rocked and knocked her down.

We've entered that "baby looks abused" portion of childhood that comes whenever the skills are gained faster than the sense of self-preservation that should go with them. MG has a permanent dimple on the middle of her forehead from her learning-to-walk days. Oh, who am I kidding? She still conks herself in the forehead at least twice a week. And now Claire, too, is showing the battle scars of mobility. Now they can both be bruised, and the people at Walmart can look at me like I'm some sort of monster, while the other moms look on and sigh, glad that their children aren't the ones with the bruises for a change.

I went to Walmart with the girls last night. Saturday night, 8 pm, at Walmart. Surprisingly, it's a good time to go. We got a really good parking spot, and there were few other people there. No drunks in carts, either. The people who were there were other moms with kids. I joked with a couple of them about how cool we were, hanging out at the Walmart with our kids on a Saturday night. They joked back. Misery loves company. I remember when I used to do stuff on Saturday nights... Aw, who am I kidding? A wild Saturday night, pre-kids, consisted of BJ playing games with his friends and me sitting home being annoyed and reading books.

Anyone in Our Local Area up for a playdate? I'm bored. BJ's working on proposals, and I'm running out of stuff to do. If so, call me. I'm home. Avoiding all the cleaning that needs to be done..........

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Jen said...

I love the fact that you still call them "suits". I smile every time I see it on your blog.
By the way, I have blahs too. That could be why I haven't posted anything worthwhile in a few weeks... I feel like I just need to go into a vegatative state for a few days...have a good New Years...