Friday, December 7, 2007

St. Thomas, Day 3

Sorry I skipped Day 2. It's been a little busy!!

I would post pictures, but I have what amounts to a dial up connection, and it would take eons to upload anything, so you all are going to have to wait until we get home. I promise they'll be worth it, though. My little island princess has been wearing very cute suits!

Claire is being such a doll. She is so good. I couldn't ask for better behavior from her. She just loves the water (March 13 makes her a Pisces, right? So that would sort of make sense...). We got in the pool yesterday and splashed around. After that she took a two and a half hour nap, and I had to wake her up to go to dinner. Today she got to go in the ocean (just her toes. Having grown up around Lake Michigan, I worry too much about rip tides to be comfortable. I am not a swimmer at all, and I wouldn't risk going in past my knees alone, much less with her). She tried to eat the sand. I think she liked the bath in the hotel room sink best. It was a perfect fit.

I've known Amanda's family for ages, of course, so it has been a lot of fun catching up with them. Getting to know Matt's family has been a lot of fun. His sister-in-law and I really hit it off. She's also the mother of two girls. Matt's parents hosted a party on the beach tonight. It was fantastic. The food was terrific and everyone had a wonderful time. Even Matt, who had been down with food poisoning all day, seemed to have a good time. Hopefully he's over the worst of it. I gave him some of Claire's infant Tylenol, because it was all we had.

I called home when we got back to the room and got a big, "I love you, Mommy!" from Mary Grace. I also found out that BJ has the flu we had last week, unfortunately. I guess I didn't do well enough at keeping the house clean, in spite of my best efforts. I probably should've done all the remotes, phones, doorknobs, and stuff with Lysol, but with one thing and another I never did do it. Poor guy had Mary Grace watching Mickey Mouse while he was lying in bed feeling awful. That's pretty much what we did last week, too. Her brains are going to melt from all this TV.

Being away from her has been so hard for me. There was a little girl about her age who had curly hair, and I could hardly restrain myself - I just wanted to hug her. I feel like I left my heart at home, and I guess, in a way, I did. And now that BJ's sick, it's even harder. But I'm here, and I'm trying to remember that she'll be fine, and in the long run it's good for both of us. I'm trying not to mope, but I was showing pictures of her today, and it was just making me ache. I'm going to hug her until she breaks when I see her Sunday night.

Wow, Bewitched is a really, really stupid movie. (It's on TBS right now. Ugh. Can't find anything better.)

Anyway... The wedding is tomorrow, and it's going to be amazing. I'm really excited. I'm especially looking forward to giving my toast. I worked on it quite a bit; it should be good. I don't want to spoil the surprise, so I'll post about what I'm saying later.

If you want to see pictures of where I am, look here. (I hope that's a good link - I can't get it to load, but I think it's because of the crappy connection I have right now). It's pretty swank. The terrace where they're having the reception nearly hangs over the ocean. It is going to be so beautiful when the sun goes down tomorrow evening, and we can watch the sun set over the water. I'm planning to take pictures. I was framing them in my head today. I hope they turn out as well in real life as they are in my head.

I'd better get some rest, it's midnight here, and tomorrow will be a busy day!

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