Friday, December 28, 2007

A pictoral Christmas...

Narrated by Mary Grace...

"Dat's our gingabread house. And that's Daddy and Claire... That's my Dad!"
"That's a piggie. Daddy is doing a fire."
"That's me and Claire. My piglet jams. I'm wearing my Sizzles jams, looking at pictures."
"These are my friends. That's Grandma's house. Hold on a minute. That's Mimi. That's right Mama. And that's... hold on a minute... is that... That's not Daddy. Ummmm... That's Uncle Trey! That's not Daddy. You are smart. Yes you are. And you've got to be really strong. Are you strong enough? We sure are! Just like Mickey Mouse!"

No, I don't know what she's trying to say. Best not to overanalyze... More in a moment.
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