Monday, November 17, 2008

Guiltily Loving the Economic Downturn

A guy just knocked at my door, completely out of the blue, and asked if I wanted the yard raked. "Yeah!" I replied, "How much?" $20! Too good to be true.

"We can also mow and do the gutters," he said.

"Really? How much for the entire yard, and all the gutters?"


I feel terrible, knowing that these guys are probably down on their luck, maybe high school kids who can't find a decent job right now, or college kids. Why else would they be out in the cold, going door to door, cleaning up peoples' yards? They can't be much older than 22. And I feel like I'm completely taking advantage of them... But $75! That's an amazing deal. We have a large, corner yard, and a lot of trees.

I offered them coffee or cocoa. And if you live near me and you need your yard cleaned up, holler at me and I'll refer them over to your house. Poor guys...

Don't worry, I'll give 'em a good tip.

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strwberrryjoy said...

Will they drive to Greenfield on the East Side of Indy? lol