Monday, November 10, 2008

Shiny Happy Pretty Babies Holding Hands

Mary Grace is on a hunger strike because I wouldn't make her pancakes for breakfast (we're out of mix and making them from scratch on a Monday when I'm on a diet is a little above and beyond the call). I offered Cheerios and raisin toast (it's all about choices, right?) and she demanded pancakes, then went all Ghandi on me... She's sitting "criss cross applesauce*" on the floor, refusing to eat, and muttering in an accent. It's a little creepy.

I really need to find a replacement battery charger (and a spare battery couldn't hurt) for my Canon SD600 Powershot Camera. You wouldn't think that it would be so tough, right? Well, I spent 45 minutes calling Best Buy on Friday without getting an answer. I would call, select 3 to speak to customer service (or 4 to try the Geek Squad, after I got a little desperate) and it would ring and ring and ring and eventually hang up.

So I have to pack the babies in the car today, in the cold, and go to Bed Bath and Beyond to get a friend a shower gift, then to Best Buy to find a replacement battery, but it's so cold outside and it's so cozy in my jammies... I just can't motivate.

I got a couple of cute shots of MG on my cell phone at gymnastics last week, but it's a 74 step process to get them off of my cell phone and onto my computer, and I just don't have the patience today. Maybe I'll look for a card reader, too, while I'm at BB, because it takes Micro SD and it would be nice to just pop it out of the camera and into the computer. I've got pictures on there that are almost a year old that have never seen the light of day because it's a pain in the neck (and I think it costs money on my cell phone bill) to send them to myself.

Is there such a thing as a PCMCIA card reader that takes multiple sizes of SD cards? That would be cool.

So, yeah, shopping today. Shopping, and it probably won't be illustrated. Maybe I'll take the kids to the play area at the mall, so that they can burn off some energy. MG has gymnastics tonight, that'll help, too. I'll take a book and see if I can read a page or two in between trips out of the play area to retrieve Claire, who will be trying to snag free rides on the carousel.

Saturday we met Gramma Susan at Fair Oaks for lunch. If you haven't been there, yet, you really need to go. It's a lot of fun. It was nice to have a chance to catch up. Then when we got home BJ and the kids went to Uncle Brandon's while I caught up on my sleep after a night with Mimi - she and I were up until 4:30 am Friday night!!

(By the way, I left my coat in Grammaland, so if anyone is travelling from there to or through here in the next couple of days and could return it to me, that would be super. It's at Mimi's house.)

Yesterday was kind of a lazy Sunday. We went to the new member class at the Pres. church, then out for lunch, and then BJ's head started to hurt so we came home. I took a nap with MG, and we kind of lazed around, watching Ella Enchanted and watching the kids play. Ella Enchanted was kind of a cute movie. A little over MG's head, but it had pretty dresses and dancing, so she was fine. I didn't even make dinner - the kids had PB&J and BJ had something out of the microwave. We did manage to give the kids a bath and get them to bed at a decent hour. Sometimes after running and running and running, you just need a day like that.

But you don't need two days like that, so I'd better get a move on. How was your weekend?

* That's what they call what we used to call "Indian Style" at school, now. Apparenlty Indian style is no longer PC. I'm still waiting for a verdict from the PC Police on whether or not saying "Dots or feathers?" to clarify whether someone is talking about people from the subcontinent of India or Native Americans is PC.


RobMonroe said...

They do make such a card reader for multiple sizes, but the cell ones are pretty small. When I got my card it came with an adapter.

At least MG is standing up for what she believes in, right? You wouldn't have it any other way! I'm sure she'll be hungry soon and will be over the pancake demands.

No, "dot or feather" is not PC. Not around here anyway.

Happy Monday!

B.J. said...

You could always plug your phone into the computer. :) I know you don't need to sync your phone with your computer because you've google-fied your life but the phone and computer were meant to talk to each other.

You could even connect over Bluetooth but that's much more work for me end the end, I am sure.

Anonymous said...

"Dots or feathers?" Wow: That's so un-PC, I've never heard of that expression.
I continue to be miffed we can no longer say "Chinese wall." It's not like the Great Wall of China came down concurrently with the Berlin Wall. "Ethical wall" just doesn't have the same ring to it as "Chinese wall."

Amy said...

I've never heard the expression "Chinese Wall" used that way...

For the record, I knew that "dots or feathers" was un-PC, but the one Indian (subcontinent, not N.A.) person I mentioned the phrase to laughed like crazy.

Gotta get shoppin' y'all. No more stallin'.

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Amy, for never having worked in an environment that routinely establishes Chinese/ethical walls.
For the record, I laughed like crazy when I came upon your "dots or feathers?" reference.

Maggie said...

Pleeeeaaaase don't buy a new battery/battery charger/card reader/etc at Best Buy!!! Don't get me wrong--I love BB. I'm like a kid in a candy store, looking at all the wonderful electronics and aisles of DVDs & CDs. But when it comes to replacement parts and accessories? I've always found it's way easier and CHEAPER to find them online! The 25' HDMI cable I needed? + $200 at Best Buy. $25 on Yes yes, I realize the quality may not be the exact same, but it does what I need it to do!

I bought my SD900 Canon Power Shot on They usually have great "bundle" deals on electronics--I would recommend calling them (and googling around the internet a bit--Amazon is usually good too!) about a battery charger & battery before spending an arm and a leg at BB!

Anyway, that's my two cents. And I think this is my first time commenting, also, so hi...I'm Maggie :)