Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day Surprises!

Everyone arrived safely, including a couple of surprise guests! My father in law, who I thought was dining elsewhere, and my BROTHER IN LAW, who lives in Arizona!! We had NO idea he was coming! Max started barking in the yard, so I knew BJ's mom was here, and when I went to open the door I saw Brett through the window and seriously thought I was hallucinating. What a wonderful surprise! He got to meet Claire for the first time (last time he was home, I was pregnant with her, during Christmas of 2006) and share the meal with us.

BJ, his mom, and Brett are now at the new Bond film, and MG and C are playing quietly, and my mom, Pops, and brother have all gone home. It's a little too quiet.

What a wonderful day, though. Everything turned out just fine (the stuffing was a little dry, but not bad for a first attempt at non-Stove Top Stuffing). My MIL said that the rolls were the best she'd ever tasted! The pumpkin pie was perfectly set, the crust was divine. Everyone loved the Sweet Potato Casserole - even those who don't normally love sweet potatoes. THANKS PIONEER WOMAN!! BJ did not blow up the house with, or launch, or otherwise endanger anyone with the deep fried turkey (after all, he is a professional). Everything was better than I expected. Yay for planning!

As Mom was leaving she passed the torch and said, "You're in charge of holidays from now on." Now that I've had time to reflect, I'm not sure if that's a blessing or a curse! It was a lot of work, but it was fun, and I'm glad to have a minute to relax.

BJ even washed all the dishes. Is he a pod person or what?

I hope that all of your feasts were successful, too. What was the best surprise you got today?

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