Monday, November 3, 2008

Schitzophrenic Comments

Well, well, well!

Hi. This is the "Bill" you wrote about. I will help alleviate your anguish a little. I have no intention of killing Obama. I meant it as a term similar to Obamacide. There is a sketch with Tim Kazurinsky on SNL early in the 80's where he used "-cide" for various things. If you drank too much beer it would be "brewicide". Get it...a joke. I was not attempting to get people to come to my side. If a letter to the editor sways your vote you should not be voting.

Tim Kazurinsky - wasn't he the unibomber? I didn't know he got is start on SNL. Well, regardless, perhaps it would have been clearer, Bill, if you'd picked a "joke" that wasn't 30 years old. (I'm KIDDING, it was Ted Kaczynski... It's a JOKE.)

Letters to the Editor don't sway my vote. They do, however, make me think about moving.

I voted for Kerry last time and Nader (God I wish I could take that one back) the time before.

Who'd you vote for when Roosevelt ran? Who was on Saturday Night Live back then?

You rant and whine like a child. I was surprised to see you are 32.
Oh wait a minute - I rant and whine? I used citations and quotes and facts in my post. I quoted the Bible (which the other letter writer was arguing from) without stating whether or not I believe in it, and argued him into the ground with his own evidence!

You used... sarcasm.

I guess if I rant and whine like a child, you rant and whine like a 14 year old girl. One with PMS.

PS - Insulting people? Again, not a good way to bring people to your side... I'm just sayin'. (And I'm not trying to bring you to my side, because regardless of what you do with your vote, we're all going to be playing Hail to the Chief for my guy on Wednesday, so I can just have fun and poke you with a stick... Just to be clear...)

You give liberals a bad rap like that wacko who thinks Obama is the anti-Christ gives Republicans a bad name.

I still can't figure out which you are.

I called him ObaMessiah because so many people think he will magically fix things.
You never mentioned my one real point and my other joke. The joke was that all the celebrities who cannot run their own life support him as if politics is the one place where they make sensible decisions.
I try really hard to only mention jokes that are funny.

My one true point, and if you don't have kids or work with them you may not understand it...
Um, Bill - click around a bit. I have two kids and I went to school to be a teacher. During school I worked with special needs kids at a school for kids with behavioral disorders and mental retardation. I have LOTS of experience with kids, and the most difficult populations of kids to work with, at that.

was that for him to sit and listen to a religious man make outrageous claims against America and whites is bad. To be a "leader" in the community and appear to endorse it (or maybe he was pandering for the church member's votes) is even worse. To do all of the above and subject your children's minds to that kind of nonsense is the worst thing a parent can do.
What church do you go to, Bill? After all, we're practically neighbors. I haven't found one, in 32 years, where I can agree with every last word that comes out of the leaders' mouths. If a church so agreeable exists here, where nothing is ever said that you disagree with, well I'd like to give it a try. I'll bet the minister farts rainbows...

PS - I've worked with abused kids, neglected kids, kids who were sold into prostitution at age 7, 8, and 9 years old to support their parents' drug habits (I only wish I were exaggerating). Taking the kids to church is "the worst thing a parent can do"?? I wish I lived in a world where that were true, I really do.

You don't mention it because everything I said is true and if you deny that you only fool yourself and the only way to make yourself feel better about that is for you to hang out with people like yourself who also think the king is wearing clothes and ignore me pointing out that he does not.

After reading this run-on sentence three times to try to figure out what the heck you're talking about, I can only conclude that you think anyone who disagrees with you is fooling herself and therefore doesn't hang out with people who disagree...

Have you met my husband? He likes McCain so much that he's voted for him in elections where he wasn't even running. Fully half of my extended family is pro-McCain, and I haven't disowned them (yet). And the damn election is tomorrow, so chances are good that we'll all survive it with the family in one piece (or at least the same number of pieces it was in when this whole thing started...).

You sure make a lot of assumptions about people... I can only assume, myself, that you're doing the same about Obama - hanging your vote on one relatively minor issue (the issue of his church affiliation) rather than looking at the big picture. Maybe if you embiggened your mind, and tried to see the big picture (which is what National Politics is all about, really, it's a big picture game...) you would see things differently.

There are several reasons I am not voting for Obama. I think he screwed Hillary over. I would have voted for her more than him. His economic plan is horrible and it changes with the constituents he talking to at the moment. He has NO experience. I could handle him being VP for awhile. Lastly, I think he is a bad parent and a lost person who has no real identity and we are trying to get rid of one of those guys now.

Bill you have the right to vote for or not vote for whoever you want. You even have the right to send ridiculous letters to the J&C if you feel that's necessary. But along with that right, you have the responsibility to be made fun of by people like myself. It's part of the social contract.

I'm curious as to whether or not you voted in the primary - after all, Obama didn't "screw Hillary over" - he won. And just like every American Democrat, you had the opportunity to make your preference known. Staying bitter about the fact that he beat her 6 months later, well, why don't you just go have a good pout? Because seriously, the rest of us have moved on...

Last thing, you take this whole thing too serious. That is sad because you aren't even enjoying an election where your candidate is setting history and mopping the floor with his opponent. Relax and enjoy what we have waited 8 years for...telling the Republicans goodbye.

Hip hip hooray! See? We're like 10 pages in, and I still have no idea who you support. I guess it's none of my business, except you kind of made it a point of discussion with your letter and then by showing up here... But whatever. It doesn't matter. IT'S ALMOST OVER, and that's all that matters, today. That's a good enough reason to dance a jig.

Hey, Bill, it's been fun. Thanks for being a good sport... And don't worry, my husband and my uncles are going to leap to your defense, here, momentarily.

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