Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Urgent Care

Claire fell and hit the marker tray of the whiteboard on her way down with her eye. No stitches, thank goodness. The centerpiece may be delayed though.


mwiesjahn said...

Poor baby!

RobMonroe said...

Hope the healing is quick, and the centerpiece realizes it's second fiddle at this point.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness no stitched. Keep yourselves out of kmart/walmart... everyone will look at you (if she gets a bruise) like you did it to her! Just sayin. Pretty Babies have the best mom and dad on earth so I know better! Amy... I hope your holiday is fantastic and that this is allll you have to endure. Much love... hugs,
Connie ps: my grandson is visiting so I'm in heaven... pictures soon on FB of 'the boy' in the new bath tub