Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wanted: Salty, Crunchy, Healthy Snack

The Doomed Diet is going surprisingly well. I've lost two pounds. I even had pot roast and rice with gravy yesterday at my father-in-law's house without going too far over (50 calories over for the day - not bad when you're limited to about 1800!) by practicing portion control.

I'm also finding that it helps to stay upstairs (where there is no ice cream) after we put the kids to bed. BJ and I have been turning on the "toaster" (it's an electric mattress pad, and it's the best thing ever! You need one) and watching movies or TV in bed. I don't eat upstairs. Well, ok, one night we had popcorn...

Anyway, I need a healthy, crunchy, preferably salty snack that's healthy. Has anyone got anything? Is there some kind of puffed vegetable chip I don't know about? They were sampling these snap pea snacks at the store yesterday that were the consistency of a Cheeto, but green and apparently made (somehow) from a snap pea.

That's a little too weird for me.

Nuts are good, but a serving is like three nuts. I need something I can mindlessly, guiltlessly snack on, particularly in the afternoon. Popcorn's not bad, but I'm getting a little sick of it.

Mimi and I are going to see New Moon today. I looked up the calorie info for a small movie popcorn - 400! In a small!!! I don't even know how they get that many calories in there. That's without butter! Raisinettes are only 330, and they have chocolate.

BJ's going to take the kids to a women's basketball game. I hope Claire makes it, she says she doesn't feel good. She might have a low grade fever (hard to say if she's got a fever or it's just her jammies making her warm). Her nose has been runny since October, but so has mine. It's so hard when they can't quite express what's going on.

Speaking of Claire, there's a little girl at school named Lexi. She and Claire don't get along. I've already talked to the teacher (who happens to be Lexi's mom) about it, and I don't think it's actually a big deal, but Claire talks, often, about how Lexi "hurted" her. (Lexi probably "hurted" her once, and we're just hearing the same story over and over...) Well, we've been watching Phineas and Ferb a lot (BJ and I like it almost as much as the kids do), and one of the songs is "My Nemesis" (you can hear a sample here). So anyway, we asked Claire, "Is Lexi your nemesis?"


Poor Claire. Two years old, and already a nemesis!

Well, yesterday on the way to Grandpa Ben's, BJ and I had a good laugh when she started talking about "Lexi, my nemesis," again. And I said, "Lexi Luthor?" Of course that makes Claire, "Claire Kent."


I feel a story coming on...


Alison said...

It's funny i was reading this, as i was munching on my new favorite snack. it's not exactly crunchy, but you should try watermelon with fresh lemon juice and a dash of salt! super yummy, and really healthy.......

Alison said...

shoot, i meant LIME juice!!

morganna said...

I roasted pumpkin seeds this evening. Really yummy. I just heated the oven to 275F, spread the (cleaned, washed, and dried) pumpkin seeds on a cookie sheet, drizzled on olive oil (I think I used 2 teaspoons at most), sprinkled on salt, and roasted in the oven for an hour, stirring every 5 minutes. I did grease the cookie sheet with butter, but you could use a cooking spray instead. The worst bit was cleaning the seeds.

Anonymous said...

Roasted chick peas are the best!! You can just use S/P or get more creative with the spices. I love em, and they are high in fiber and low in calories.

Anonymous said...

whole wheat pretzels
sunflower seeds (I eat them raw)
any crunchy raw vegetable or fruit

Anonymous said...

DO you have a polish store nearby? They have these thinsg called chrupki, you pronounce Hrupki. They're a corn based snack, kind of like puffed corn. Here's the best picture I could find of them but don't buy the ones on the picture, find the small kind.