Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's My Special Birthday!

My kids are so weird.

One of their favorite games to play, when I leave them alone to play by themselves and make it up as they go along, is "It's Your Special Birthday!" This game, as far as I can tell, consists of making a Lego "cake" (using the lid of the Lego bin as a "cake plate"), and presenting it to each other, while saying, "It's your special birthday!" enthusiastically. Sometimes the cake-maker presents the honoree with her "special birthday" cake, and the honoree ignores the cake-bearer, in which case the "It's your special birthday!" refrain is presented over, and over, and over until the honoree finally blows out her "candles" which are just Lego that are built higher than the level of the cake. Sometimes there's singing.

Well, I guess Claire wants MG to make her a "cake," because right now she's in the toyroom pouting, and saying, "'s mah speshul birfday!" but Mary Grace isn't doing anything about it. Instead I think she's playing, "Let's fill boxes with random assortments of toys, carry them out of the toyroom, and dump them on the floor." Narg.

Mary Grace just said, "Claire, it's not your special birthday, I don't want to play that anymore."

Claire took it surprisingly well.


RobMonroe said...

Abby celebrates at least three birthdays each day in our house, though recently it's only the ducks who are getting older!

Hope C gets her special birthday soon!

Cate said...

Yeah, what is that about playing birthday party? Esther has recently grown out of it somewhat, but it was all the rage for a while. In fact, I got her that wooden play birthday cake that Magic Cabin has and she was SO into it until she lost all the pieces (no more things with a bunch of pieces --EVER!).

I love your description of their play, especially their verbal exchange. How funny!