Friday, November 20, 2009

Fun with Technology

Yesterday I decided to transfer all of the photos from my computer onto the big computer (it's got like a terabyte of memory - oh, sorry, I'm being corrected by BJ who says it has 1.5 t of capacity but only 3 g of memory... Whatever.). Then I put Picasa on the big computer (sorry BJ) so that I could use the facial recognition feature (New! And super cool!) to sort the photos and help me choose good shots for our holiday card (which may or may not happen - I am in full pre-holiday panic mode).

Our family completely flummoxed the face recognition software. It's very good at recognizing men, but it's a mess with women and especially the girlies! Mary Grace kept getting in the Claire folder, Claire kept getting into Mary Grace's folder. I kind of expected that, especially with the really old baby pictures. But then Claire got into Mimi's folder, and I thought, "Well, yeah, she does really look like Mimi..." and then Mimi got into Gramma Denna's folder, and Gramma Denna got into Mimi's folder (Mom and Mimi and Grandma Betty once won a look-alike contest), and pictures of me from when I was younger (read: thinner) got into Mimi's folder, and pictures of me started showing up in the kids' folders...

It was a disaster. I don't know if it's just limited software, or if we're all clones of each other, but (my second cousin or first cousin once removed or something) Dayton ended up in (his own first cousin my uncle) Doug's folder at one point. Kelly, Curtis, Craig, and Jill (all my first cousins) were all stirred up.

It was kind of fun, looking at all the old pictures and realizing how much we all resemble each other. If you're working on your holiday card, too, you should download Picasa (for free!) and play with the facial recognition software, too. Now that I've finally got this posted (after starting at about 10 am today!) I'm going to go play.


Red Carpet/Bright Lights said...

Oh my gosh -- I am laughing so hard! I even read it aloud to Bill who was equally amused. Oh, that reminds me -- gotta go look for a few holiday photos of my own now... ;p ;p

Little Bird Tales said...

I loved your blog about time outs. I totally agree with you! They worked great for me, too!

So, I saw your blog posted on mamasource and then went to your site to find out more about you. I read your Fun with Technology" blog and thought you might like to know about my website

It was made for kids, but is just as much fun for adults. It allows you to make a slide show format e-book, but you can record audio/voice over each image/page! So, if you used it to make your Christmas cards, your kids could add pages of drawn pictures (either scanned or drawn using the online art pad), write a holiday story or create an end of year update (with pictures) and narrate each page or sing a holiday song. It's SO charming and heartwarming with kids voices!

And because it's shared electronically, you are being uber "green" by not buying paper cards or using printing chemicals, saving money on postage and cards,
and saving time by not having to address a ton of envelopes. It's fun to do WITH the kids (creative family time) and it's fast and easy. The perfect alternative for busy moms.

I hope your friend recovers from her stroke. How terrible. My heart goes out to her, her family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving


Piper of Love said...

I just wanted to pop over here and tell you that you are WONDERFUL <3