Sunday, November 8, 2009

Homeownership Sucks

There are some people who love yard work. My father-in-law loves to mow grass (he has a riding mower. I might love it with a riding mower, too). My mom loves to garden.

I love neither.

But we spent all day yesterday getting the yard ready for winter. Hooray for Grandmother Diana who came down and played with the kids!

Why hasn't anyone invented a leaf-sucker (opposite of leaf blower) that sucks the leaves directly into a garbage bag? I could poke a couple vent holes in the garbage bag, so that I wouldn't just blow it across the yard.

See, we couldn't just blow the leaves to the street because the big leaf sucking truck has already come by this month, and won't be back until early December. So, we had to suck them up and bag them. Yuck.

I have a runny nose and a sore throat from all the dust and (probably) leaf mold. Ugh. No wonder I hate gardening - it literally makes me sick.

But I have to admit, the yard looks a lot better. We have this huge pin oak tree that drops a squajillion leaves every year. And every year I kick myself for wanting an "established" neighborhood with "mature" trees 6 years ago when we bought the house. We could've had a brand new house in what was recently a corn field if I'd been less of a pain in the butt. It would've been a lot easier to care for. And we probably wouldn't have spiders as big as our heads, there, either.

Oh well.

It's a beautiful, unseasonably warm weekend here. BJ's out mowing the back yard (he can suck up the remaining leaves that way - we got most of them a week ago) for the last time this year. It'll be nice to have everything cleaned up and finished.

It's like my mom said, right after we closed on the house. "You know all those people you see at the park on weekends, playing frisbee and relaxing. Those people are called 'renters.'"

You could've told me a little sooner, Mom!


Jen said...

We have a leaf sucker/blower. All you have to do is drive to Lowes and get one.... nerd...

Jen said...

or perhaps...

Have the T-shirt said...

I have these two cute little Mexican dudes that do my yard work, cause like you, I hate it.

RobMonroe said...

My brother-in-law in Saint Louis just posted pics of his raked leaves with the comment "wish my brother-in-law was coming this fall so that I didn't have to do it!"

Yes, somehow, for the last four years I have raked more leaves in Missouri than at my own home.

Amy said...

Jen - we have a Black & Decker leaf blower/sucker - but it sucks the leaves into a canvas bag thingie that has a very uncomfortable shoulder strap. Then you have to get the leaves into the trash bag, which involves reaching your hand up through the mess and pulling it down.

I don't want to think about all the bugs I angered and then got close to! UGH!

But if you could suck them directly into a trash bag, it would be mess (and arm-into-the-bag-reaching) free!

T-shirt - I've hired people in the past. I tried to talk BJ into it this year, too, but he wouldn't let me.

Rob - that's just sad.

Love y'all!

Heather said...

Re: the spiders - yeah, you'd still have them.

Heather, Cornfield Resident

whymommy said...


That's hilarious!